We provide:
Consulting, Hardware und Software System Architecture, Integration & Migration, Project Planning, Development and Production;
IoT, M2M, Industry4.0, Smart City, NFC/RFID, GSM, GPS, Energy Harvesters, Battery Management Systems, Ultra Low Power, ADAS, HVAC, Car2X, X2X, MAUT, Toll collect / Tracking, Health / Asset Monitoring, Sensors, Transducers, Transmitters, Actuators, Coders/Encoders, Real Time measurement and instrumentation systems, Node Infrastructures, Cloud/Fog Integration & Migration.
Custom Hardware – Software – Mechanics Design & Development, EMC / EMI, Functional / Penatration Test, Certification and production in series.

Some headlines of branches:
Automotive, Medical, Logistic, Avionics, Railway, Industrial and Home-Automation.

E-Mail: info(‘at’)eslek.com
Address: Stoffels Wiese 12, D-78087 Moenchweiler, Germany
Telephone: +49 7721 9165480