Customer service:

Is the support that we offer to our customers before and after purchasing a product or service. Our organization’s representative values both, potential and existing customers equally. Customer service representatives are the main line of contact between an our organization and customers, making customer experience a critical facet and the main priority of customer service teams.

Customer support:

Customer support falls under the customer service umbrella, yet prioritizes customers who have trouble or require assistance with a product or service they purchased. Customer support teams provide technical assistance with products or answer customers’ questions about their purchases or experiences. The goal of customer support teams is to have customers leave their interactions with answers, solutions and overall positive experiences.


While customer service and support teams interact with customers, on as needed baisis ~through various chat channels such as phone,
website chat applications and social media messaging~ those moments of contact are critical to improving and sustaining our products and
services, as well as maintain highest customer and user experiences.

As an international company with specialized engineers, scientists and designers we provide wide range solutions for your automotive, industrial, avionic, medical projects.